Catherine Dung

Associate Director

image of Catherine Dung

Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture and Design, RMIT University

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honors 1 & University Medal), University of New South Wales


Registered Landscape Architect

Member of AILA


Catherine Dung is an Associate Director based in the Sydney office. She is an award-winning landscape architect with 18 years’ experience in a wide variety of urban and landscape design projects. At SMM, she has successfully completed projects across a diverse range of scales, including: the design of small and large public spaces; large-scale infrastructure planning and design; urban design; and regional landscape planning. In particular, Catherine pursues a strong interest in developing design solutions for projects with complex environmental and technical factors, specialising in public domain design, infrastructure design and urban design with a landscape architectural focus.

In addition to her strong design and management skills, Catherine has a high degree of expertise in design communication. She pursues her interest through design projects, competitions and design teaching activities at the University of NSW. Catherine holds a PhD in Architecture and Design from RMIT University. Her research focuses on urban design and the public domain.